Here’s why Frozen sucks

Amusing deconstruction of Frozen (I’m reliably informed any of you with kids will have seen it 2^123 times).

I only consciously spotted about 10% of these while watching the movie myself but the others definitely contributed to the “why on earth do people think this is a good movie?” feeling I was left with. I get the desirable social message and all that but it would be better served being carried by a better film.

Here’s why Frozen maybe wasn’t that great of a movie

For a while there, it seemed like all anyone wanted to talk about was the movie Frozen. Elsa. Building a snow man. Letting it go. Lip syncing. Saying things like Disney Animation is better than Pixar now. Yadda and yadda. But was the movie that good? Is it a Disney classic? CinemaSins decided to take an unpopular opinion and reveal everything hilariously wrong with Frozen.


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