The shockingly obsolete^W old-fashioned code of bash

As someone who was there and wrote a certain amount of this sort of code I find this article a bit annoying (using 20/20 hindsight for ad hominem attacks is pretty low) but I do find the fact that modern static analysis tools can’t handle crufty old C quite interesting. And something of a failure on the part of the static analysis companies, I think.

Also, it’s clear that the article’s author never had to write code on a machine that shared 256KB amongst it’s users or on which register utilization was something one grokked or died.

Bamboo Case

This is the case I got for my 6 Plus:

Ignore the one review, sounds like he got burned by the 21st version of “they screw you at the drive-through” (or online order in this case). If you buy it in a store you can pick the one you like (real wood, they’re all different). I was surprised that the packaging for most cases now encourages you to “try them on” which is a nice advance.