How To Tell

I was wondering how to tell if an iPhone is unlocked (I can’t recall which of the several littering my desk I’ve remembered to) so I went to Google and typed “how to tell ” and got:


Typewriter Definition

I love this footnote on the word “typewriter” from The Improbability Principle which the author felt was necessary when talking about the infinite number of monkeys experiment:

An early mechanical form of word processor, in which the keys were directly linked to small metal hammers which struck an ink-soaked ribbon to leave imprints of letters on the page.

Great book, btw.

How Uber Works

This is a really well researched and written article about being an Uber driver:

> The contrast is so striking — Morake, who accepted a ride against his own best interests out of human kindness, and Uber, which treats him and so many other drivers as utterly disposable numbers in an equation.

Long but well worth reading all the way through.