Amazon Shopping FTW

Amazon is a strange shopping experience …

I ordered a personal hygiene product and, for no adequately explained reason, I was given a free electronic copy of Kung Fu Panda in HD. For “buying” Kung Fu Panda (for $0.00) I earned a promotional credit of $1.00 off the MP3 of my choice. Presumably if I redeem the $1.00 credit I’ll get a car 🙂


BookBub is a site that lists discounted and free ebooks from the major ebook retailers (Amazon, iBooks, Google and some others). It’s slightly annoying that the first thing they ask you do is signup (before seeing any books) but I can vouch for the fact that it works like you’d expect: someone is doing the legwork see what books are free on Amazon this week and offering links to them. I assume the money is made on the discounted but not free sales they drive (and on the ancillary purchases you make on Amazon having gotten there by following one of their links).


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