Catfishing For Beginners

This article is interesting on several levels:

  1. Goodreads has trolls, who knew?
  2. It helps one understand how we could have gotten to g.a.m.e.r.g.a.t.e (if the placid pools of literary sites are like this, how could we not?)
  3. The Internet makes people do surprising things (like visiting a troll’s house :-))
  4. It was great to be reminded of one of my favorite computer memes, Eliza (via a roundabout route)

Also, since the article is authored by an actual, um, author, it’s well written and easy to read.

Here’s why Frozen sucks

Amusing deconstruction of Frozen (I’m reliably informed any of you with kids will have seen it 2^123 times).

I only consciously spotted about 10% of these while watching the movie myself but the others definitely contributed to the “why on earth do people think this is a good movie?” feeling I was left with. I get the desirable social message and all that but it would be better served being carried by a better film.

Here’s why Frozen maybe wasn’t that great of a movie

For a while there, it seemed like all anyone wanted to talk about was the movie Frozen. Elsa. Building a snow man. Letting it go. Lip syncing. Saying things like Disney Animation is better than Pixar now. Yadda and yadda. But was the movie that good? Is it a Disney classic? CinemaSins decided to take an unpopular opinion and reveal everything hilariously wrong with Frozen.